The team at EastCoast West has proven time and time again, that this agency is an orchestrated disruption of the status quo.
“We’re from New York, so we have to be bold. Contact us today to create a more successful tomorrow.”
Strategic Content

Social media is a new, exciting and sometimes challenging opportunity. Knowing what you’re getting into is half the battle. Hundreds of millions of online conversations give brands the opportunity to join the discussion and engage on a personal level. Now, social media has changed a number of fields and is an integral part of each of them, such as journalism and marketing. With daily changes brands have to adapt, or often perish. It’s cool…we got this. 

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Strategic Communication

Communication has changed. Gone are the days of dots and dashes, smoke signals and word-of-mouth. Today, it’s about creating, strengthening and preserving, among key audiences and influencers, favorable opinion to reach your goals. Our clients  reach their goals in part because we’ve rubbed elbows with the people who matter. Whether it be through social media, email marketing or traditional media relations, we help your message stick.

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Strategic Creativity

Our team at ECWpr are architects in implementing imagination. We are expert strategists who have been on the front lines, imagining, engineering and counseling brands from local businesses to Fortune 500′s to non-profits to the Hollywood elite; and we’ve done it from concept to successful execution. We help brands cultivate relationships that are built on trust.  Who benefits from all that absolutely sick experience? That’s right. You do, baby.

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